I compose and produce personal, unique music for film and games. My work is simple and melodic. I avoid cliché, canned sounds, and the well-worn textures of familiar genre music.

From concept to final mastering, I can guide you through a clear workflow to deliver a soundtrack that is on-budget, exacting, and memorable.



Documentaries need soundtracks that provide color and momentum without getting in the way. Stock tracks sacrifice originality, flexibility, and a unifying sound palette. This reel features sketches for a contemporary documentary taking place in a large city on a cold winter. My movie workflow uses Final Cut Pro to give filmmakers precision and flexibility with the soundtrack.


Games soundtracks have imitated tired movie music for too long. My game music aims to change that with heavy atmosphere, a liberal mix of acoustic and designed electronic instruments, and dynamic layering to enable real-time triggering of sounds and themes. Logic Pro forms the basis of my studio, with world-class sound libraries, plugins, and mics.


Dramatic movies require scores that deliver emotional context, and that is difficult to accomplish with a light touch. Heavy orchestral scores cost money, and electronic substitutes are usually poor. Smaller budgets need to work with simpler music, or risk sounding cheap. Yes, I can do that.


As a classically educated composer and student of movie music, I bring a perspective to your project which stock tracks and genre performers cannot match. I take pride in the craft, and in my ability to translate another's vision to a moving soundtrack.

Great music does more than complement a movie or game. It enables the experience to last long after your audience and work part ways. When music evokes the emotions you labor to create — even after the fact — you have succeeded to change people.

To talk about a project, or drop me an email at danny@brians.org.

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